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Ongoing Projects

Fairfax County Public Schools
Headquartered in Falls Church, VA, FCPS is the largest public school system in Virginia as well as the entire Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. They are the 10th largest school system in the United States and have over 180,000 students enrolled.
  • West Springfield High School (Completed 2019)
  • McNair Upper Elementary School (Completed 2021)
  • Herndon High School (Completed 2021)
  • Cooper Middle School (Under Construction)
  • Oakton High School (Completed  2022)
  • Hybla Valley Elementary School (Completed 2023)
  • Frost Middle School (Under Construction)
  • Falls Church High School (Under Construction)
  • Madison High School (Under Construction)
  • Washington Mill Elementary School (Completed 2023)
  • Fox Mill Elementary School (Under Construction)
  • West Potomac High School (Under Construction)
  • Oak Hill Elementary School (Under Construction)
  • Justice High School (Under Construction)
  • Crossfield Elementary School (Under Construction)
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School (In Design)
  • Louise Archer Elementary School (Under Construction)
  • Wakefield Forest Elementary School (Under Construction)
  • Armstrong Elementary School (In Design)
  • Lees Corner Elementary School (In Design)
  • Willow Springs Elementary School (In Design)
  • Herndon Elementary School (In Design)
  • Dunn Loring Elementary School (In Design)
  • 34 Outdoor Classrooms (Design Completed 2023)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day S​​​aints
  • LDS Gainesville - Addition (Completed 2022)
  • LDS Silver Springs - RTU Replacement (Under Construction)
  • LDS Scotts Run - HVAC Replacement ( Completed 2021)
  • LDS Arlington - HVAC Replacement (Under Construction)
  • LDS Ellicott City - HVAC Replacement (Completed 2023)
  • LDS Fairfax - HVAC Replacement (Under Construction)
  • LDS Mt. Vernon - Pavilion (Under Design)
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Montgomery County Public Schools
MCPS is the second largest public school system in Maryland and the 14th largest school system in the United States. MCPS is headquartered in Rockville, MD and has over 160,000 students enrolled.
  • Seneca Valley High School (Completed 2022)
Prince William County Public Schools
PWCS is Virginia's second largest public school system and the 4th largest school system in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Headquartered in Manassas, VA, PWCS has over 81,000 students enrolled.
  • Graham Park M.S. - RTU Replacement (Under Construction)
  • Woodbridge M.S. - Cooling Tower Replacement (Under Construction)
  • Brentsville District H.S. - Unit Ventilator Replacement (Under Construction)
  • Potomac H.S. - Weight Room  - (Completed 2023)
  • Freedom H.S. - Cooling Tower Replacement (Under Construction)
Loudoun County Public Schools
LCPS is one of the fastest growing school divisions in Virginia and the third largest in the state. LCPS is headquartered in Ashburn, VA and has over 84,000 students enrolled.
  • Eagle Ridge M.S. Addition (Design Completed Spring 2022)
  • Buffalo Trail E.S. - Room Conversion (Completed 2022)
  • Mercer M.S. - Room Conversion (Completed 2022)
  • Moorefield Station E.S - Room Conversion (Completed 2022)
  • Eagle Ridge M.S. - Room Conversion (Completed 2022)
  • Broad Run E.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Eagle Ridge M.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Evergreen Mill E.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Freedom H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Independence H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Lightridge H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Loudoun Valley H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Moorefield Station E.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Newton-Lee E.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Potomac Falls H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • River Bend M.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Riverside H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
  • Woodgrove H.S. - Room Conversion (Under Construction)
Recent Past and Ongoing Projects
We cover a wide range of building types including schools, churches, office buildings, condominiums, and tenant spaces. We are always looking for new challenges to design.
  • Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh, NC
  • Catholic University - Gowan Hall, Hannan Hall, O'Connell Hall, DC
  • Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, VA
  • Bishop O'Connell High School in Arlington, VA
  • Macomb House Condos in Washington, DC
  • St. Theresa Catholic School in Ashburn, VA
  • St. Andrew the Apostle in Centreville, VA
  • St. Joseph's School in Alexandria, VA
  • St. Stephen's & St. Agnes' Lower School in Alexandria, VA
  • Youth For Tomorrow - Family Behavioral Health & Administration Center, VA
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